Carrie Underwood may have needed Jesus to take the wheel during her rain show at Carolina Country Music Fest over the weekend.

The country superstar's epic performance at the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, festival on Sunday, June 9, may have been one for the books — she belted "Before He Cheats" in a downpour like her life depended on it — but she accidentally had a literal misstep when leaving the stage.

in footage obtained by TMZ, Underwood, 41, ended her show by walking down a series of stairs towards the back of the stage. As the crowd is cheering, the American Idol alum takes a step or two down the stairs before suddenly falling out of frame.

Several members in the audience gasped as they saw her dip below stage level.

"She fell! She fell!" one concertgoer exclaimed in the video footage.

Underwood, for her part, clearly brushed off any stage-exiting mishaps, enthusiastically posting about the one-of-a-kind concert via Instagram the following day.

"Well, last night sure was fun! And though the ending was quite unexpected, it made for a night we'll never forget! 🌧️💧☔️," the "Blown Away" artist captioned a series of photos from the night. "Thanks for being awesome, #MyrtleBeach !!!"

Underwood also uploaded a clip of her "Before He Cheats" performance (sans accidental misstep at the end), showcasing just how in control she was of the stage despite the torrential downpour. Donning studded denim shorts, a white top and black stiletto boots, no less, Underwood strutted back and forth on stage while singing the massive hit to the crowd. The audience, for their part, sang back every word with equal enthusiasm.

In December 2023, Underwood spoke about the power of the track, explaining to Howard Stern that it's not only fun for her to get "into character" for the scathing breakup hit, the crowd always loses their minds when she performs it.

"It's usually towards the end of the show or it's the encore, and I feel like immediately when it comes in, the audience just starts bumping," she shared. "There's this weird little undulation thing that just starts happening, the crowd comes alive."

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