Viggo Mortensen Calls Amazon ‘Appalling' and ‘Shameful' for Dumping His 2022 Ron Howard Film on Streaming, Says Film Criticism Is ‘Pretty Poor' These Days

Viggo Mortensen called out Amazon in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine for the company’s decision to scrap an extensive theatrical release for Ron Howard’s 2022 movie “Thirteen Lives” and give it a global streaming launch instead. Mortensen, who starred in the well-reviewed Thai cave rescue thriller opposite Colin Farrell and Joel Edgerton, said the […]

25 TV Theme Songs Performed by Famous Musicians

Do you remember swaying to these memorable hits?

JoAnna Garcia Swisher Would '100 Percent' Cameo on Reba McEntire, Melissa Peterman's New Show (Exclusive)

'Reba' alums McEntire and Peterman are starring in the new NBC comedy 'Happy's Place' — and Garcia Swisher tells PEOPLE about how she's "so excited for them"

New taco at Royals games lets you sample everything Kauffman Stadium has to offer

Tacos, and hot dogs, and burgers, oh my — and also fries, and barbeque, and Cracker Jacks.

Comedy Gold: 45 Side-Splitting Movies to Watch

We have compiled a list of 45 comedies that you should watch at least once in your life! Some are extremely zanny while others are downright hilarious classics.

Nic Cage’s Spider-Man Noir: Brendan Gleeson May be Playing a Villain Who Became Famous after the 1994 Spider-Man Animated Series

After making his presence felt by voicing the character of Spider-Man Noir in 2018’s Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, Nicolas Cage is all set to take this role further in the upcoming live-action series titled Noir bankrolled by MGM+ and Amazon. The character, who is a darker alternate version of Spider-Man during the Great Depression, is […] This post belongs to FandomWire and first appeared on FandomWire

In defense of Disney adults

The term 'Disney adult' is often associated with an allegiance to a corporation or a refusal to grow up. But maybe the young at heart know something the rest of us don't?

Naomi Osaka Takes Tenniscore to the Streets of NYC in Air Max Sneakers While Shooting Maybelline Commercial

The athlete wore Nike Air Max Dn SE sneakers.

Eminem Honors Daughter Hailie Jade on His New Song in Sweetest Way

Eminem dedicated his emotional new song “Temporary” to his 28-year-old daughter Hailie Jade Scott.

40 Photos of the 'Lord of the Rings' Cast, Then and Now

Do you age more after leaving Middle-Earth? Let's find out.

Riding Japan’s $36 Completely Private Bus 🇯🇵 | Osaka - Kinosaki Onsen

Let our sponsor BetterHelp connect you to a therapist who can support you - all from the comfort of your own home. Visit and enjoy a special discount on your first month. Hello. Today we ride Japan’s Completely Private Bus | LuxRea GreenRoom from Osaka to Kinosaki Onsen! Fee/Day: £30/$36/¥5,700/₹3,000/€35/C$50/₩50,000/₽3,500 Bus: Zentan LuxRea Seat: Green Room(Private Room) Experience: Isolation is good:)) 0:00 Introduction 1:12 Map & Cost 1:48 Zentan LuxRea Bus 1:58 Room Tour 4:06 Breakfast 9:52 Arrival at Kinosaki Onsen 11:01 Lunch&Explore 19:17 Train&Dinner&Hotel 22:25 Back to Kinosaki 25:08 Zentan LuxRea Bus (with AR and TV) 32:39 Thanks for watching!

Faye Dunaway's Life in Photos, From “Bonnie and Clyde” to Her Career-Spanning Documentary

With new documentary 'Faye' premiering July 13 on HBO, take a look back at the screen legend's storied career

Megan Moroney Shares What She's Learned from Kenny Chesney's Tour Routine: 'Ice Baths,' No Booze, and More (Exclusive)

Moroney, whose second album 'Am I Okay?' dropped July 12, is spending her summer on the road with the country "legend"

10 Best Joni Mitchell Songs That Made Her Rich, Ranked

Joni Mitchell's classic songs have helped her earn a net worth of $150 million.

The 24 Most Iconic Britney Spears Moments

A star from the very beginning.

20 sets of celebrities who are easy to mistake for one another

Hollywood is a small town, and these celebrity doppelgängers make it seem even smaller.

Common addresses 'ring' bars, talks Jennifer Hudson feature on new album

"Champion lover that could come with a ring," Common raps on his new album, which includes a Jennifer Hudson feature.

Sean Ono Lennon on Celebrating John Lennon's Underrated ‘Mind Games' With New Mixes and Deluxe Editions: ‘I Wanted to Represent It in a Way That Gave It a Second Chance'

When Sean Ono Lennon - born to John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1975 - was being exposed to his father’s solo canon as a young person, he was hearing it all at once, not sequentially. So he was hearing 1973’s “Mind Games” as one fine album among many, with no need to learn that […]

Grace Jones’s Career in Photos

The legendary model, actress, and singer is one of a kind

Hazbin Hotel Season 2: Cast, Release Window, Possible Plot & More

The announcement of Hazbin Hotel Season 2 has electrified its fanbase after the success of the first season left audiences hungry for more. This highly anticipated second installment brings with it a wave of excitement as we delve into details like the potential release schedule, who from the cast will be returning, and sneak peeks into the plot. Here's your comprehensive guide to what to expect in the upcoming season of Hazbin Hotel. Hazbin...

Superman wraps filming in Cleveland, as James Gunn shares update on production

James Gunn took to social media to share an important update about Superman, which just wrapped up production in Cleveland. The Latest Tech News, Delivered to Your Inbox

Gordon Ramsay opens new restaurant in Reno

World renowned chef and TV personality Gordon Ramsay has opened a new restaurant in Reno.

Beetlejuice Sequel's Official Rating Confirmed

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice lands an unsurprising rating as the upcoming horror comedy starring Michael Keaton nears its anticipated release.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard Will Keep Baby Out of the Public Eye, Says “This World is So Cruel”

Gypsy Rose Blanchard is revealing why she's already made the decision to keep her future child with boyfriend Ken Urker out of the public eye.

The Best Steve McQueen Movies

Fall in Love

The 29 Most Dazzling Red Carpet Beauty Looks Ever

Works of art.

26 Icons of the 1980s

From the biggest shoulder pads to the most gorgeous androgyny.

How much of a film buff are you? Answer these 100 trivia questions to find out!

So you think you're a cinephile? Or are you just really talented at trivia? It's time to find out. Stacker offers a quiz on the 100 best films in movie history.

'The Idol' Choreographer Nina McNeely Emmy Nomination

Choreographer Nina McNeely has earned an 2024 Emmy nomination for three dance routines from 'The Idol,' starring Lily-Rose Depp and Jennie Kim.

22 Fun Facts For The Weekend

Who doesn't love a good little brain snack in the middle of the day? (Or more realistically, while you're in the bathroom at your office.) You're not looking for anything too in-depth, just a quick little something something to get you to your next c

Stranger Things is bringing on some new cast members for its final season

Hawkins will have some new residents for its final season. The post Stranger Things is bringing on some new cast members for its final season appeared first on The Manual.

Sydney Sweeney Exudes Bridal Energy in Two Silky Ivory Gowns

Look back at the “Euphoria” star’s best red-carpet looks of all time

20 sets of celebrities who knew each other before they were famous

It's not what you know; it's who you know. These 20 sets of celebrities knew each other before they were famous.

My Most Anticipated DCU Show Can Make Up For A Major DC Box Office Bomb

I am very excited about the arrival of the new DC Universe, and the TV series I want to see the most can fix the issues of a major DC box office bomb.

Gladys Knight: the Empress of Soul bids farewell with a powerhouse performance

For those who feel that Glastonbury loses a little of its earthy soul the more upmarket it becomes, Henley Festival is probably not the right event for you. The five-night concert series in the Oxfordshire regatta town is the UK’s only black tie festival.  According to its website, “You can never be over-dressed at Henley”. Fancy listening to Glady...

The Most Important Indie Video Games Ever Made

Games that Changed Everything For the Better

The Animated Series Fans Need to Watch While They Wait for the DCU

While folks wait on James Gunn's DCU, WB Animation has a stellar cartoon that is filled with depth, emotion, action and great storytelling.

The blockbusters of your childhood are back in full glory at Universal Studios Florida

You may have thought you were just going to a theme park, but Universal Studios Florida’s new parade will bring you back to your childhood.

Michelle Buteau Talks ‘Survival of the Thickest' Season 2 Guest Stars, Directors, and Why Season 1 Won't Score Any Emmy Nominations (Exclusive)

Survival of the Thickest star Michelle Buteau is promising a "bigger and blacker and better” season two as filming commences amid a mixture of emotions for the co-creator and co-executive producer for the show, whose work on season one alongside her cast and crew was locked out of this year's Emmys nominations due to a "glitch" in […]

Charlize Theron Says ‘Old Guard 2' Post-Production Got ‘Shut Down' By Netflix, but the Sequel Will Come Out ‘Soon': ‘I Really Love This Movie'

Charlize Theron insists "The Old Guard 2" will be released "soon." The Oscar winner explains that the action sequel, which wrapped shooting about two years ago, has faced a lengthy delay due in part to a change in Netflix leadership. "Netflix went through quite a changeover," Theron told me at her Charlize Theron Africa Outreach […]

'That '70s Show' Cast: Through The Years

The That '70s Show cast had fans entertained on FOX from 1998 until 2006. But where are "Eric", "Donna" and "Jackie" today?! Find out right here!The Cast Of 'That '70s Show': Then And Now

Every James Bond Theme Song, Ranked

From 'Goldfinger' to 'No Time to Die,' we broke down all the tracks that played alongside 007. No matter how directors or actors put their signature stamp on the franchise, James Bond films have a familiar formula. We can expect the opening scenes of the film to deliver on a few time-honored traditions: the gun-barrel sequence, the pre-title teaser, and perhaps most important of all, the highly stylized title credits, set to an original theme song. Bond themes are the secret sauce of the movies: paired with the bombastic credits, they set the tone for the action to come, and speak to the current era of the franchise. (You'd never hear a smooth Sean Connery-era theme in a Daniel Craig-starring Bond movie, after all.) For any musician, recording a Bond tune guarantees a spot in music history—but history doesn't remember all of the Bond themes fondly. Over the years, we've heard the truly awful (sorry, Madonna), to the deeply dull (Sam Smith), to the true classics, like Shirley Bassey’s “Goldfinger.” Here are all the James Bond themes, ranked from worst to best.

Notable actors more known by their faces, not names

You likely recognize their faces, and the movies they've been in. However, the names continue to escape the mind — and that's OK. Here are some actors and actresses that we've seen in countless movies and television shows, but can't think of their names for the life of us.

'MAMA Awards' Expands to the U.S. for the First Time in 25 Years

▲ This poster provided by CJ ENM on July 18, 2024, promotes the 2024 Mnet Asian Music Awards (2024 MAMA). (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap) SEOUL, July 18 (Yonhap) -- The annual 'MAMA Awards (Mnet Asian Music Awards),' a popular music awards show organized by CJ ENM, will be held in the United States and Japan this year. CJ ENM announced on the 18th th...

39 Netflix Original Movies Actually Worth Watching

Say goodbye to endless scrolling.

Kylie at BST Hyde Park review: More sensual than cheesy, this show is a reminder of her undeniable cool

Kylie at BST Hyde Park review: More sensual than cheesy, this show is a reminder of her undeniable cool - 4/5 The famously very nice Aussie icon is an absolute beast on stage

Watch moment Dave Grohl stops Foo Fighters concert mid-song: ‘This sucks’

Watch moment Dave Grohl stops Foo Fighters concert mid-song: ‘This sucks’ -

25 Astonishing Celebrity Transformations Throughout Their Careers

Here is a look at 25 celebrities and how they have aged over the course of their careers.

Who is Kai Trump? Granddaughter of Donald Trump to speak at RNC Wednesday

Kai Trump, 17, will speak at the Republican National Convention, joining her father, Donald Trump Jr., in addressing the event.

Nikki Glaser on Feeling ‘Deeply Unlovable,' Her Addiction to Approval and Burning Desire to Host ‘SNL'

It may have only been nine minutes in a two-decade comedy career, but it was one that had all eyes on Nikki Glaser in a very good, pivotal way. Her set roasting Tom Brady in May was hailed by just about everybody watching both at home and in the audience, an experience she said is […]