“You’re going to end up with your own movie”: Hugh Jackman’s X-Men Co-Star Was Promised a Solo Movie With a Plot That Pretty Much Hinged on Fat-Shaming

Although a lot of the mutants from Marvel comics did manage to make it to the X-Men project for the screens, not all of them got the true recognition they deserved, with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine being a major exception. But while the others were simply sidelined, some of them were actually told that they had […] The post “You’re going to end up with your own movie”: Hugh Jackman’s X-Men Co-Star Was Promised a Solo Movie With a Plot That Pretty...

Finally: ‘Fresh Kills’ Is the Best Mafia Movie in Ages

We who review movies regularly know how to spot red flags, and not even Baruch Spinoza deploying all his view-from-nowhere skills could say Fresh Kills didn’t look like trouble. This is a mafia drama, the most played-out of all genres, particularly for independent films, and it was written and directed by an actor known mostly from cop shows. Lastly, it debuted a year ago at the Tribeca Film Festival, which from time to time does launch good...

The 100 best movie and TV soundtracks of all time, according to Billboard

Which are the best movie and TV soundtracks of all time? Stacker went to Billboard for the answer, ranking the top 100 out of 1,675 soundtracks.

60s pop icon and actress dies aged 80

Seven Books That Will Make You Put Down Your Phone

These titles self-consciously aim to grab their reader’s attention.

Celebrity Movie Regrets: 25 Films Stars Wish They Could Erase

From winning an Oscar or simply starting out, every actor or actress picks a role they are wrong for on so many levels. Here are 25 great actors and actresses who starred in terrible movies.

Unseen Performances: 25 Actors in Hidden Film and TV Roles

Sometimes great actors and actresses are in films or television shows that we have watched our whole lives but forgot or never noticed they were in them. Here are 25 actors who were in films and TV shows that we may have missed.

20 facts you might not know about 'Dumb & Dumber'

Here are 20 facts about the classic 1994 comedy. Facts are something the duo at the center of Dumb and Dumber don’t know much about.

Kevin Costner Gets Candid About 'Yellowstone' in First-Ever 'Armchair Expert' Interview

"We should all be in jail."

Netflix movie watched over 40 million times in five days despite criticism

Sylvester Stallone Sat Out One Of Cliffhanger's Best Stunts – But His Co-Star Didn't

One of Cliffhanger's best and most memorable stunts was largely shot for real in the Italian Alps. But Sylvester Stallone filmed his parts on a sound stage.

See music star get stuck in the air during concert

Chris Brown appeared to exchange words with a crew member after getting stuck while suspended in the air.

“Darker storyline than E.T.?”: Emily Blunt’s Possible Casting in Steven Spielberg’s UFO Film Has Peaked Fans’ Interest

Emily Blunt’s stars are clearly aligning, as evidenced by her recent stellar performance in Oppenheimer, which has left her enjoying her first Oscar nomination. But could her next artistic venture be just as enthralling? Yes, indeed! With Deadline’s recent reports, excitement grows as it is revealed that Blunt may appear in another cinematic gem—a forthcoming […] The post “Darker storyline than E.T.?”: Emily Blunt’s Possible Casting in Steven...

David Bowie's ‘Rock ‘n' Roll Star!' Box Set Chronicles the Rise of Ziggy Stardust

Outtakes, demos, and notebook entries illuminate the genesis of one of rock's most legendary characters -- and how badly Bowie wanted it to work

The remaining members of the 'greatest generation' open up about their WWII service in new Fox Nation special

Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum gives a sneak peek at her Fox Nation special, 'The Final Journey of the Greatest Generation,' on Your World.'

Linda Ronstadt Through the Years: Her Life in Photos

Linda Ronstadt retired from performing more than a decade ago, but her voice will always be a cornerstone of pop music. Born in Tucson, Arizona, in 1947, Ronstadt began her professional singing career in the 1960s as a vocalist with The Stone Poneys. Ronstadt and her bandmates, Bobby Kimmel and Kenny Edwards, recorded three albums together before she went solo. Ronstadt became a pop icon in the 1970s, reigning over the radio and dethroning rock heavyweights like Elton John and Led Zeppelin on the charts. Her 1974 album, Heart Like a Wheel, became her first No. 1 album in the United States, and in 2013, the Library of Congress inducted it into the National Recording Registry. Throughout the 1980s, Ronstadt expanded into other genres, recording a country album with Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris and releasing her first collection of traditional Mexican mariachi music. She continued recording throughout the 1990s but released her last solo album in 2004. Seven years later, she retired from performing after developing progressive supranuclear palsy. Despite the fact that she can no longer sing, Ronstadt still feels grateful to have spent so many years in music. "I just feel whatever I've got now is gravy. I feel like I was lucky," she said during a 2013 interview with NPR's Terry Gross. "I got to live out a lot of my dreams, and I got to, you know, sing with all these wonderful people like Emmylou and Aaron Neville and Smokey Robinson." Keep scrolling for a look back at Ronstadt's life and career through the years:

The Status of Every Game of Thrones Spinoff

After the success of "Game of Thrones," HBO is trying to recreate the show's success. Here's what to know about its spinoffs.

Young Sheldon Stars Reunite Following Lack of Closure in Series Finale

Two stars of Young Sheldon reunited after their characters failed to have a proper farewell in the CBS series.

13 Rare Photos of Cameron Diaz Early in Her Career

Did you know she got her start as a teen model?

New “Friends” Experience in Las Vegas to let fans revisit Ross and Rachel's drunken chapel scene: 'Hello, Mrs. Ross!'

"The One in Vegas" two-part episode aired on May 20, 1999, and featured Monica and Chandler contemplating marriage.

Penelope’s Bridgerton Wedding Dress Is Pink With Purpose

“We started it off with a pale blue because she was marrying a Bridgerton, but it didn’t look quite right.”

“I think the audience is hungry”: The Boys Star Antony Starr Sparks Joining James Gunn’s DCU in Recent Interview About Superhero Fatigue

Antony Starr of The Boys does not believe in the idea of superhero fatigue, or the feeling of getting tired of watching superhero movies after the genre dominated the box office for the past few years. He also does not think the people are fed up with it. Having played a superhero himself, Starr has […] The post “I think the audience is hungry”: The Boys Star Antony Starr Sparks Joining James Gunn’s DCU in Recent Interview About Superhero...

Beach Boys Legend Mike Love and Son Brian Reflect on Their Travels, Lessons From the Road, and More

The father-son pair share their family memories from a lifetime of travel and how it shaped their relationship.

Kate Martin's Dance Celebration After Half-Court Shot is Going Viral

Aces rookie Kate Martin turned heads with a little jig she did after draining a half-court shot on Thursday.

Bruce Willis' daughter shares photos of journey with skin-picking disorder, celebrates 'small wins'

Tallulah Willis, the youngest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, showed healing after battling skin-picking disorder that left marks on her face.

Star Wars Parody Film Which George Lucas Deemed Was Better Than Daisy Ridley’s ‘The Force Awakens’ May Soon Get a Sequel After 37 Years

In a galaxy not so far, far away, the 1987 classic Star Wars parody, Spaceballs, might be gearing up to bring back an iconic sequel after a staggering 37-year hiatus. News of a potential sequel has ignited excitement among fans who fondly remember the parody film that hilariously spoofed the Star Wars saga. Well, it […] The post Star Wars Parody Film Which George Lucas Deemed Was Better Than Daisy Ridley’s ‘The Force Awakens’ May Soon Get a...

The Simpsons Star Addresses the Show's Often-Discussed Series Finale

As the show approaches its 34th season, The Simpsons voice actor Yeardley Smith discusses the end of the show and the effect of streaming services.

Aliyah Boston's Career Night Sparks Caitlin Clark Roasting

Caitlin Clark gets roasted after Fever victory.

Gladiator 2: release date, cast, plot, trailer, and more

Ridley Scott returns to the arena in Gladiator 2. Here's everything you need to know about Gladiator 2, including the release date, cast, synopsis, and trailer.The Latest Tech News, Delivered to Your Inbox

Carrie Underwood Tumbles Off Stage After Performing Through a 'Massive Downpour'

Fans called the show "unreal!"

“No stop it”: Jensen Ackles Showed No Mercy to His On Screen Father Jeffrey Dean Morgan Who Wanted Him to Spoil The Boys

Jensen Ackles – who rose to recognition as Supernatural’s Dean Winchester – joined the star-studded cast of The Boys as Solider Boy, the paragon of an ‘alpha male,’ in season 3. But out of all his friends, the one who was the most thrilled about the news was his on-screen father from the CW fantasy […] The post “No stop it”: Jensen Ackles Showed No Mercy to His On Screen Father Jeffrey Dean Morgan Who Wanted Him to Spoil The Boys appeared first...

'Yellowstone' Dads: See Your Favorite Cowboys With Their Adorable Kids

Plus, our favorite fathers from '1883' and '1923'

Darius Rucker Says There Is One Hootie And The Blowfish Song He Doesn't Like Hearing Anymore

"We play it so fast...and we recorded it so slow."

39 Netflix Original Movies Actually Worth Watching

Say goodbye to endless scrolling.

'American Idol' Alum Colin Stough Shares His Pick to Replace Katy Perry

American Idol alum Colin Stough has one person in mind to replace Katy Perry on the judges panel: Adele. “I’ve not always loved her music, but I’ve always respected her as a person for her work ethic. In this industry, you have to have a work ethic,” Stough exclusively told Us Weekly at CMA Fest […]

Iconic 80s rock band perform together for the first time in 17 years

Meet Jake Gyllenhaal's famous family: his Oscar-nominated mom, sister Maggie Gyllenhaal, and even legend Paul Newman

All about Jake Gyllenhaal's famous family tree, including his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal, their famous parents, and godparents Jamie Lee Curtis and Paul Newman

Linda Perry Credits Her 9-Year-Old Child Rhodes with Saving Her Life: ‘Blessing in so Many Ways’ (Exclusive)

The musician spoke to PEOPLE about her tight-knit relationship with her child Rhodes ahead of the premiere of her new documentary

Rolling Stones set to take over Cleveland

The biggest concert of the summer is finally here. Why it matters: The Rolling Stones' Hackney Diamonds '24 tour marks the legendary band's first concert in Cleveland in more than 20 years and is expected to draw about 50,000 fans to Browns Stadium on Saturday. Flashback: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and company last played Northeast Ohio in 2002 at Gund Arena. The band was supposed to stop here in 2020 for its No Filter tour but canceled the...

Forgotten Fame: 20 Celebrities Who Vanished from Hollywood

Being a successful actor in Hollywood is considered to be the peak of someone’s career. However, sometimes son stars decide to retire early, whether because they feel they have achieved all they wanted, to explore new business opportunities or seek a quiet life outside of the industry. Other times, however, it is because of some circumstances outside their control, such as illness. Here are 20 actors who aren’t working in front of the screen anymore.

Brat Packers Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Jon Cryer and Ally Sheedy Reunite

Some members of the Brat Pack reunited in honor of Andrew McCarthy's documentary, BRATS, at the Tribeca Film Festival. Demi Moore, Jon Cryer, Ally Sheedy, McCarthy, 61, and more were all smiles as they posed at the premiere of BRATS. The documentary debuted at the OKX Theater at Borough of Manhattan Community College in New […]

Online Posts Claim Taylor Swift Can't Read Music. Here's What She Said

"I'm not as much into technique as I am into the emotion of it," the popular songstress has said.

Career Killers: 25 Movies That Derailed Stardom

Some well-known titles represent examples where certain movies had notable negative effects on the careers of actors, directors, or other individuals involved in their production. Here, check out 25 of them.

Love Island: Faye Winter on the important life lessons she learned after her fight broke Ofcom records

Love Island: Faye Winter on the important life lessons she learned after her fight broke Ofcom records - Former Islander said she used to be like a ‘volcano’, letting her anger build up

‘Liza: A Truly Terrific Absolutely True Story' Review: Minnelli Docu Benefits From Unseen Footage, Compelling Interviews And The Star Herself – Tribeca Festival

There must be something in the air lately because I have been seeing and reviewing a number of really good and intriguing documentaries on iconic showbiz figures. At Cannes I saw new docus on Faye Dunaway (Faye), Elizabeth Taylor (Elizabeth Taylor: The Lost Tapes) and others on Michel LeGrand and Jacques Demy. Currently on Max […]

Eminem Does His Own Superhero Stunts in 'Houdini' Blooper Reel: 'Don't Try This at Home!!!'

The ‘Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grâce)’ rapper dropped the music video for his "Houdini" single on May 31

Jennifer Esposito mortgaged her house to fund 'Fresh Kills'—a movie she's been trying to make for over 15 years: 'I'm deeply proud of it'

Jennifer Esposito wrote, produced and directed the film that's in theaters now.

Watch George Strait And Chris Stapleton Cover A Willie Nelson And Merle Haggard Classic

Kelly Clarkson, who was in the audience, called the experience a “blessing.”

22 hidden jokes in Disney movies that were actually only for adults

Using various sources, Stacker compiled a list of hidden adult jokes and Easter eggs in Disney films you may have missed.

Heart-Pounding Hulu Films: 25 Must-Watch Thrillers

Hulu was officially launched to the public on March 12, 2008, and offers a wide range of content, including TV shows, movies, original programming, and live TV channels.