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Viggo Mortensen Calls Amazon ‘Appalling' and ‘Shameful' for Dumping His 2022 Ron Howard Film on Streaming, Says Film Criticism Is ‘Pretty Poor' These Days

Viggo Mortensen called out Amazon in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine for the company’s decision to scrap an extensive theatrical release for Ron Howard’s 2022 movie “Thirteen Lives” and give it a global streaming launch instead. Mortensen, who starred in the well-reviewed Thai cave rescue thriller opposite Colin Farrell and Joel Edgerton, said the […]

‘Simpsons' Legend Hank Azaria Is Obsessed with Mastering a New Voice: Bruce Springsteen's

In our exclusive interview, the actor explains his emotional quest to embody all that is Springsteen with his new project, Hank Azaria and the EZ Street Band - which he's turned down acting roles to pursue

The Sailor Moon Musicals Need Anime Adaptations

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos The Movie will bring the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon story to an end, but there are ways to continue the franchise.

Scarlett Johansson Says ‘I Don't Hold a Grudge' Against Disney After ‘Black Widow' Legal Battle, Thinks OpenAI CEO Could Be a Marvel Villain: ‘Maybe With a Robotic Arm'

Scarlett Johansson recently spoke to The New York Times and said she has no grudge against Disney after their legal battle over the release of her Marvel movie “Black Widow.” The two parties became legal adversaries when Disney opted to release “Black Widow” in theaters and on streaming via Disney+ Premier Access amid the pandemic […]

Beetlejuice Sequel's Official Rating Confirmed

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice lands an unsurprising rating as the upcoming horror comedy starring Michael Keaton nears its anticipated release.

‘Those About to Die' Review: Anthony Hopkins Fades Into the Ensemble in Peacock's Frequently Silly Gladiator Drama

The 'Silence of the Lambs' star is more of a featured player than a lead in Roland Emmerich and Robert Rodat's spectacle about power and bloodsport in 1st century Rome.

Taylor Swift sings never-before-heard-live 'Fearless (Taylor's Version)' song in Germany

The singer will perform at Veltins-Arena in Gelsenkirchen for three nights.

Ryan Gosling Earns First Emmy Nomination For Hosting Viral ‘Saturday Night Live' Episode

Third time was the charm for Ryan Gosling whose third turn as host on NBC’s Saturday Night Live brought him his first Emmy nomination in the Guest Actor In a Comedy Series category. It comes on the heels of Gosling’s third Oscar nomination for Barbie. Gosling’s Emmy-nominated SNL hosting stint on April 13 was a […]

Holocaust survivor and teen boy become fast friends volunteering at Holocaust museum

Steve Hartman goes "On the Road" to Stokie, Illinois, for a story about finding friends and sharing history across generations.

Dick Van Dyke, 98, 'can't figure out' secret to longevity, but says one thing is key

Dick Van Dyke isn't entirely sure why he's still around at 98 years old, but believes a person's "attitude" directly impacts their longevity.

39 Netflix Original Movies Actually Worth Watching

Say goodbye to endless scrolling.

25 Movies Stars Wish They Could Forget

To be a Hollywood star is something that isn't achieved overnight. It requires a mixture of charisma, a bit of luck, and a lot of hard work. Likewise, a good selection of films that showcase one's talent. However, even the biggest stars have had their flops. These are some movies that stained the CVs of great stars.

10 Best Joni Mitchell Songs That Made Her Rich, Ranked

Joni Mitchell's classic songs have helped her earn a net worth of $150 million.

Faded Fame: 20 Celebrities Who Vanished from the Spotlight

Being a successful actor in Hollywood is considered to be the peak of someone’s career. However, sometimes son stars decide to retire early, whether because they feel they have achieved all they wanted, to explore new business opportunities or seek a quiet life outside of the industry. Other times, however, it is because of some circumstances outside their control, such as illness. Here are 20 actors who aren’t working in front of the screen anymore.

Buffy's Riskiest Episode Modernized a Controversial Trope

Buffy's most iconic episode is also its most radical. They committed to a full-length musical episode that brought the trope to new popularity.

'MAMA Awards' Expands to the U.S. for the First Time in 25 Years

▲ This poster provided by CJ ENM on July 18, 2024, promotes the 2024 Mnet Asian Music Awards (2024 MAMA). (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap) SEOUL, July 18 (Yonhap) -- The annual 'MAMA Awards (Mnet Asian Music Awards),' a popular music awards show organized by CJ ENM, will be held in the United States and Japan this year. CJ ENM announced on the 18th th...

'Wheel of Fortune' host Ryan Seacrest shares 'wild' first day on set: 'My heart’s pounding'

Ryan Seacrest gave fans a glimpse at his first day on the set of "Wheel of Fortune." The TV personality has taken over the hosting gig from Pat Sajak.

13 Rare Photos of Cameron Diaz Early in Her Career

Did you know she got her start as a teen model?

20 major movie stars in small movie cameos

Time and time again — and admittedly sometimes for an easy cheer or a cheap laugh — big stars have shown up in small cameos in films. These are some of the best and most memorable brief cameos from the brightest stars.

Nicole Kidman on marriage, marijuana and the making of Stanley Kubrick's 'Eyes Wide Shut'

The mysteries of Kubrick's final film have only deepened in the 25 years since its premiere. Star Nicole Kidman breaks down her experience, both on camera and behind the scenes.

‘Where Everybody Knows Your Name’: 15 Trivia Tidbits About Cheers

“Hey, what’s happening, Norm?”“Well, it’s a dog-eat-dog world, Sammy, and I’m wearing Milk-Bone underwear.”Despite the dog-eat-dog world we all live in, we still have reruns of Cheers to make life just a

25 Astonishing Celebrity Transformations Throughout Their Careers

Here is a look at 25 celebrities and how they have aged over the course of their careers.

Donald Glover Says Goodbye to Childish Gambino While Comparing ‘Hot Ones' Wings to Ayahuasca

The actor-rapper credited a Community co-star with helping build up his tolerance for hot sauce.

Tucker Carlson Shows Up Uninvited to Fox News Booth at RNC

Tucker Carlson showed up unannounced at the Fox News booth at the 2024 Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, according to reporters on the ground. Carlson once helmed Fox News’ highest rated show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” before he was forced out by the company’s board in April 2023 due to inappropriate workplace comments. However, Carlson’s surprise appearance might indicate his star is back on the rise. Carlson reportedly was in the...

15 Canceled Television Shows We Miss

Beloved shows that are gone but not forgotten.

San Antonio Native Carol Burnett Just Made History With Her Emmy Nomination For 'Palm Royale'


Megan Moroney Shares What She's Learned from Kenny Chesney's Tour Routine: 'Ice Baths,' No Booze, and More (Exclusive)

Moroney, whose second album 'Am I Okay?' dropped July 12, is spending her summer on the road with the country "legend"

Lady Deadpool Debuts in New ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Trailer

The latest Deadpool & Wolverine trailer makes it look like the film features a multiverse of madness (minus Doctor Strange). Although the new clip is short, and provides only fleeting glimpses of them, it does pretty much confirm that you are going to get to see some version of the Deadpool Corps in the film. The Deadpool Corps, for those who don’t...

Every James Bond Theme Song, Ranked

From 'Goldfinger' to 'No Time to Die,' we broke down all the tracks that played alongside 007. No matter how directors or actors put their signature stamp on the franchise, James Bond films have a familiar formula. We can expect the opening scenes of the film to deliver on a few time-honored traditions: the gun-barrel sequence, the pre-title teaser, and perhaps most important of all, the highly stylized title credits, set to an original theme song. Bond themes are the secret sauce of the movies: paired with the bombastic credits, they set the tone for the action to come, and speak to the current era of the franchise. (You'd never hear a smooth Sean Connery-era theme in a Daniel Craig-starring Bond movie, after all.) For any musician, recording a Bond tune guarantees a spot in music history—but history doesn't remember all of the Bond themes fondly. Over the years, we've heard the truly awful (sorry, Madonna), to the deeply dull (Sam Smith), to the true classics, like Shirley Bassey’s “Goldfinger.” Here are all the James Bond themes, ranked from worst to best.

Most Valuable Music Catalogs Sold by Famous Musicians

Nearly every famous musician you know is selling their catalog. Here are the most lucrative sales in recent years.

The Quintessential Quintuplets Gets New Anime Release Date & Summer Beach Artwork

The upcoming The Quintessential Quintuplets* anime, adapting the story's "Honeymoon Arc," gets a release date and exciting visual of the five sisters.

Alexandra Daddario’s rise to fame: How 'Percy Jackson' made her a star!

Learn how Alexandra Daddario's role in "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" catapulted her into the Hollywood spotlight, launching her successful acting career.

'NCIS: Tony & Ziva' reveals daughter Tali as production begins in Hungary

Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo (aka Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David) are filming "NCIS: Tony and Ziva" in Europe. Who is joining them? Find out here.

The Cast of “Supernatural”: Where Are They Now?

The hit CW show about a band of demon-slaying brothers aired on the network for a staggering 15 seasons. Find out what the cast of 'Supernatural' has been up to

Fred Armisen, Riki Lindhome of 'Wednesday' reveal they've been married for two years

Riki Lindhome reveals that she and her 'Wednesday' co-star Fred Armisen wed two years ago. They started dating as she was preparing to have a son via surrogate.

25 Movies That Ended Acting Careers

Some well-known titles represent examples where certain movies had notable negative effects on the careers of actors, directors, or other individuals involved in their production. Here, check out 25 of them.

Shrek 5 Should Bring Back A Forgotten Aspect Of The 2001 Original

This franchise may be known for its music and memes, but the early entries brought much-needed parody elements to the big screen.

Despicable Me 4's Mega Minions Pokes Fun at MCU and Zack Snyder DCEU Movies

Despicable Me 4 uses the super-powered Minions to poke fun at the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the violent movies from the Snyderverse era.

Who is Kai Trump? Granddaughter of Donald Trump to speak at RNC Wednesday

Kai Trump, 17, will speak at the Republican National Convention, joining her father, Donald Trump Jr., in addressing the event.

Alan Hale Jr: 16 Facts About the Skipper from 'Gilligan's Island'

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale ... a tale about Alan Hale Jr, who you probably don't know as much about as you think you do.

This 50-year-old Billy Joel B-side is now one of his most streamed songs — thanks to young Millennials and Gen Z

“Vienna” joins songs like “Uptown Girl” and “Piano Man” as one of Billy Joel’s most streamed tracks. Young women in particular seem to be behind its slow-burn resurgence.

The blockbusters of your childhood are back in full glory at Universal Studios Florida

You may have thought you were just going to a theme park, but Universal Studios Florida’s new parade will bring you back to your childhood.

George Clooney, Denzel Washington, Robert Downey Jr. and All the Stars Heading to Broadway

Some of the world’s biggest celebrities are taking center stage for the 2024-2025 Broadway season

'Little House On The Prairie' Trivia: 15 Things You Didn't Know

Little House on the Prairie is one of the most successful shows of all time.Little House on the Prairie: 15 Things You Didn't KnowWe've put together some facts about the popular series that you might not know.

The Most Popular Children's Shows Through the Years

Who remembers these theme songs?!

Scream 7: A Fan Movement Could Lead To Stu's Return

Stu Macher's return has the support of a fan movement determined to see the original Ghostface killer back in Scream 7.

The Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video to Instantly Cure Your Boredom

From the latest releases to celebrated classics.

Look-alike Celebrities: 10 Stars Often Confused for Each Other

These lookalikes, who range from actors to singers, share surprising physical features and characteristics that leave fans in awe.

Reacher Season 3: Release, Plot, Cast & News

Jack Reacher – admired by men for his rugged independence and adored by women for his charm and, let's be honest, irresistibly good looks. This portrayal of Reacher captures the essence that Tom Cruise's version didn't quite achieve (no fault of his own!). Now, the enigmatic ex-major stands as one of Amazon's most iconic characters. Fortunately, the show is set to return for a third season! As the show is based on Lee Child's book series,...