Taylor Swift continues to put her fans' wellbeing at the forefront as she continues her Eras Tour.

The pop star, 34, interrupted her most recent show in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Saturday, June 8, four individual times to urge stadium staff to attend to a section of the crowd that was struggling.

Amidst performing "All Too Well," Swift said between lyrics, "We need some help over there please," while pointing to the audience, as captured via a video posted to TikTok that night.

The video showed the singer managing to keep the song rolling as she kept her eye on a particular section of the crowd.

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Twenty seconds after her initial call for help, Swift reiterated the situation's urgency again. "We need some help," she said into the microphone before pointing to the same section of the crowd again.

About 12 seconds later, she said, "I still don't see any help over there," however staff were still unable to reach the struggling spot.

The fourth and final time Swift called for assistance came about 20 seconds later, prompting the "Shake It Off" hitmaker to say, "Still don't see any help," into the mic.


"I still dont see any help over there" We You Taylor for caring so much #tstheerastour #edinburghtstheerastour

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The interruptions came after Swift stopped her first show in Edinburgh, which saw a surprise mashup of "Would've Could've Should've" and "I Know Places", to signal that an audience member required help on Friday, June 7.

When the fan was not immediately attended to, Swift made it clear that the show would not continue until the fan was noticed.

"She's right there. I'm just gonna keep playing until somebody helps them, I'm gonna be singing this song," Swift sang as she strummed her guitar, adding that someone would eventually listen to her because she was "going to keep talking" about the issue until someone responded to her request.

Swift's crowd compassion stems back to her early days as NEEDTOBREATHE, comprised of Bear Rinehart, Seth Bolt, Josh Lovelace, Randall Harris and Tyler Burkum, exclusively told Us Weekly that they witnessed similar behavior while supporting Swift on her 2010 Speak Now tour.

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"Honestly, we learned a ton [and what] everybody says about her is true," Rinehart, 43, told Us at CMA Fest on Friday. "Enough people say it [and] obviously it's a real thing, but she works incredibly hard. She cares a lot. She's the most professional [and] the first time we saw her, she's like doing soundcheck with nobody in the arena and she's acting like there are people and we're all looking at each other like, ‘This is the weirdest thing we've ever seen.'"

He continued, "Then you get to appreciate it as you go. You're like, ‘Man, the commitment to what she gives the audience and the way she cares about fans and that's why she is who she is."

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